Save on Fuel with these Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Models

Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles are all excellent choices if you're shopping for a new or used vehicles that makes saving money at the gas pump at top priority. Benny Boyd Gonzales in Gonzales, TX has an amazing lineup of fuel efficient vehicles from all three manufacturers, but we've narrowed down a few models to keep on your radar as you shop if you're looking for top-notch fuel efficiency.

2018 Chrysler Models
2018 Chrysler Models

Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid: As the first plug-in hybrid minivan on the market, the Pacifica is an ideal option for large families who don’t want to spend a lot of money on fuel. You’ll get an EPA-estimated 84 city/highway mpg when you use the electric and gas combination and an impressive 32 city/highway mpg when relying on gas alone.

200: This impressive midsize sedan has a great reputation for both safety and gas mileage. You’ll get an EPA-estimated 27 combined mpg with the four-cylinder engine (23 when you choose to equip this car with the more powerful V6).


300: An expansively large sedan, the 300 features an upscale interior and plenty of power. With this vehicle, you’ll earn 23 mpg with the six-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive, 21 with all-wheel drive, and 19 when you upgrade to the more powerful V8.

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2018 Jeep Models
2018 Jeep Models

Renegade: Both the front-wheel and four-wheel drive versions of the Jeep Renegade earn an EPA-estimated 26 combined city/highway miles per gallon when equipped with the manual transmission. Drivers who choose to upgrade to the automatic transmission will get about 24 combined city/highway mpg when equipped with four-wheel drive. In addition, this crossover gets high marks for its upscale cabin and exceptional off-roading prowess.

Compass: Fully redesigned for 2017, this compact SUV earns 26 combined mpg with front-wheel drive and the six-speed manual transmission, or 25 mpg when you opt for four-wheel drive and/or an automatic transmission.

Cherokee: The little sister of the classic Grand Cherokee is one of Jeep’s best options when it comes to gas mileage, boasting 25 combined mpg with front-wheel drive and 24 when you opt for four-wheel drive or an automatic transmission.

Patriot: This budget-friendly crossover is great on gas, too: 25 city/highway combined mpg with the manual five-speed transmission, 24 with the automatic transmission, and 21 for off-roading enthusiasts who upgrade to all-wheel drive.

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2018 Dodge Models
2018 Dodge Models

Challenger: Powerful sports cars aren’t usually lauded for their fuel economy, but the Challenger is an exception. You’ll get an EPA-estimated 19 city/30 highway/23 combined mpg when the car is equipped with the six-cylinder engine and automatic eight-speed transmission.


Charger: This large car boasts the amenities of a sedan combined with the athleticism and power of a sports car. When it comes to fuel economy, you’ll earn an EPA-estimated 23 mpg when you opt for the V6 engine, though adding more powerful engines or all-wheel drive reduces that number to around 18 mpg.

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