Keep your engine from overheating.

Your coolant is what keeps your vehicle from overheating. Mixed with water, it circulates through your engine. Over time, it can start to get rust and scale that can clog and damage your engine. By flushing your cooling system, you are cleaning out old mixture and replacing it with new coolant and water.

It is recommended that you have this done 40,000 to 50,000 miles, when your Check Engine warning light or Low Cooling warning light comes on, or when your engine is overheating.

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The Process of Having Your Coolant Flushed

Your mechanic will drain the coolant that you have in your engine and use coolant cleaner to clean the system. Then he or she will use water to flush out the remaining coolant. Next, they will fill it with fresh coolant and water mixture. Having this done is very important to ensure your vehicle will not overheat and keep the engine clean and healthy. 

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