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For vehicles to operate safely, it’s imperative to ensure that all of the interconnected systems and features are working in seamless unison with one another. While the most important part of a vehicle is subject to both option and circumstance, a good place to start is with your tires. Take a look at some quick information concerning your tires, and their general care. 


One of the easiest, yet often ignored, maintenance requirements your vehicle is checking the tire pressure. The air pressure of your tires can have a great impact of the longevity of your tires life, as well as fuel consumption, and maintenance costs. On top of this, improper tire pressure can make your vehicle less safe! Because tire pressure helps to distribute a vehicles weight evenly, under or over inflating tires can cause tires to wear out quickly. Additionally, it reduces a vehicles capacity to take corners and stop properly. To ensure proper handling, safety, and life of your tires, have the air pressure checked regularly!


Another important aspect of tire maintenance is keeping them properly rotated. Tire rotation further assists in keeping the wear on your tire more evenly spread, which helps to expand your tire life. This can also lead to better gas mileage, and a more comfortable ride overall. Unless otherwise noted in your manual, you should have your tire rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles, with your oil changes. 


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